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Kanye West is having a bad week — deservedly so.

After doubling down on hate talk, anti-Semitism, and making horrible remarks, several groups have disavowed him. Balenciaga, the fashion house, has stopped doing business with him. The Gap will not continue with him. Vogue magazine said their relationship is severed for many reasons. Anna Wintour’s adult son and daughter are Jewish — their father is Jewish — so she actually showed some integrity for once.

Mid week, after story after story of West (do not call him “Ye”) persisting in anti-Semitic remarks, the bottom finally dropped out of his record sales. Most of West’s sales come from streaming. On Thursday, his streaming numbers week to week dropped from an average of around 9,000 a day to nearly zero– 159 copies. On Thursday, West sold zero physical albums according to Luminate.

On the iTunes and Amazon top albums charts, West has one or two listings on which he’s he’s a guest artist. On the Apple streaming chart, his sole single is more than a decade old–“Gold Digger” with Jamie Foxx. On Thursday, his sales just completely cratered. We’ll watch over the next couple of days to see if they bounce back. But it does seem like the public has had enough, finally.

to be continued…

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