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Taylor Swift is smarter than all of us. She released her “Midnights” album at midnight last night, then a bunch more songs at 3am.

The result is that she has the number 1 album on iTunes, and the top 14 — fourteen! — singles on the iTunes top 100. Another dozen or so are scattered through the rest of the top 100.

The top single of all these is called “Bigger than the Whole Sky.” I listened on one pass last night to “Midnights.” It’s a little more percussive but basically the same as Swift’s other albums: lots of confessional lyrics and Jack Antonoff’s rich production. There’s also a collaboration with Lana del Rey.

The Midnights Merchandise Madness is what this is all about. There are plenty of things to buy on Swift’s website, many version of the album and a $200 clock. God bless. Plus Swift is all over social media, dropping clues to the songs’ meaning or who the lyrics are about. I am in deep admiration of her business skills. Carole, Carly, and Joni all missed the boat back in the 70s. They just made records that have last 50 years.

PS You can read all about Swift’s song, Lavender Haze, here.

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