Home business Shazam! Dwayne The Rock Johnson Scores Whopping $7.6 Mil in “Black Adam”...

Don’t ever bet against Dwayne Johnson. He’s solid as a…Rock!

Last night Johnson’s “Black Adam,” his DC Comics super hero movie, scored a whopping $7.6 million in previews. Even with poor reviews, fans didn’t care. “Black Adam” will be a hit.

The prediction now is between $50-$60 million weekend. So “Black Adam” has come to save Warner Bros., which will get a big bump for the DC Universe.

Plus SPOILER ALERT Superman makes a cameo in this film in the person of Henry Cavill. “Black Adam” may revive the Cavill- Superman world. Amazing.

So stay tuned for tomorrow morning. But with good weather, and Johnson’s track record, Warner’s should be pretty happy this weekend.

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