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The big news today is that Benoit Blanc is gay.

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” director Rian Johnson said in a press conference that his detective, played by Daniel Craig with a sweet potato pie accent, is “queer absolutely.”

I guess this came up after someone somewhere saw the movie. We saw it in Toronto six weeks ago. I guess I forgot all about it. Yes, in “Glass Onion” we do see where Benoit Blanc lives, and who he lives with.

Since “Glass Onion” doesn’t arrive for another month at least, I don’t think I can reveal the name of the actor who plays Benoit’s partner. But I can tell you the answer is hiding in plain sight. And he’s a very good choice. He’s a big name. Maybe he has an expanded role in part 3.

“Glass Onion” is a big entertainment with lots of highlights, but I predict now everyone will be more interested in Janelle Monae’s character than Benoit’s home life. It’s handled so subtly in the movie that you don’t really think about it.

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