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When “Ticket to Paradise” opens this coming Friday, it comes with a nice dowry.

The Julia Roberts-George Clooney romantic comedy already has $68 million in its bank, every penny of it in different currencies.

“Ticket” has now played successfully in almost every foreign territory including the UK and Australia, where it’s made around $8 million in each country.

The Ol Parker special hasn’t gotten great reviews — just 69% on Rotten Tomatoes — but that won’t matter. Universal Pictures was very wise to open it everywhere first, using Roberts and Clooney’s star power to draw audiences. And even with middling reviews, the first weekend in the US should be pretty good. Just seeing those two calming, glowing Hollywood faces is sort of a relief.

If “Ticket to Paradise” does well enough — a $20 million opening weekend — I say, ask Clooney and Roberts to host the Oscars. We need a throwback to Hollywood glamour. And god forbid if anyone tries to jump on that stage!

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