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Lea Michele has proven to be everything producers hoped for with her arrival at “Funny Girl.”

Last week, the musical revival had its biggest week since its opening in April, and definitely all summer. The turnaround is miraculous.

Even better is that last week “Funny Girl” entered the 100% club — it played at 100% of its capacity or possible sales. Only four shows did that last week including “MJ The Musical,” “Moulin Rouge,” and “Phantom of the Opera.” The latter is closing at the end of the year, which is spurring ticket sales.

But not even Hugh Jackman in “The Music Man” hit the magic 100 last week. Neither did “Wicked” or “The Lion King,” two perennials. They all hit 99 percent.

So congrats to the producers of “Funny Girl,” who I hope didn’t sell their souls to the Devil or anything that extreme. They suffered through a horrible opening and summer and have survived!

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