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UPDATED (Listen, kids, I’m hallucinating on flu meds). Maybe fans didn’t know the season was done. But for its final installment of Season 1, “House of the Dragon” fell in viewership at least on the main HBO channel for episode 8, with two more to come.

Sunday night ratings were down to 1.73 million, off by about 150,000 viewers from the last few weeks. It was the first week that things went sour.

But it’s not a shock. The prior episode was widely criticized for being unable to see through its darkness. Fans really complained and there was a lot of bad press. You wouldn’t think that would have an effect, but maybe it did.

Of course, there was a lot to watch on Sunday night, a lot of sporting events. So maybe “HoD” will make back numbers in delayed viewing, or viewing on HBO Max, whatever. But this installment was not the first choice of everyone on Sunday.

I really thought this was the end of Season 1. But it turns out there are two more weeks of this craziness!

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