Home business Disney Faces Massive Multimillion Write off on All Star “Amsterdam”

This is a weekend Disney was not looking forward to. Last night the all star period piece “Amsterdam” made only $550,000 in previews.the David O.Russell directed feature cost at least $80 million.

Predictions now are for 6 to 8 million for the whole weekend. That’s basically a write off despite big stars like Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Rami Malek and John David Washington and cinematography by Oscar winner Emmanuel Luzbeki.

But reviews are terrible. No one can really figure this film out. For Russell, it’s a rare failure. He’s had many hits and films that have brought Oscars to his actors. But this time instead of adapting existing material he created the story. It’s unwieldy and unfocused, leaving the audience with more questions than answers.


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