Home Movies Netflix Sets “Knives Out: Glass Onion” for Only Thanksgiving Week in Theaters

I told you, the walrus was Paul.

Netflix is giving “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Spectacle” just one week in theaters at Thanksgiving. And only 600 theaters, really nothing.

The streamer figures of all their fall releases, “Glass Onion” — which takes its name from the Beatles song — will be the biggest inducement for Netflix subscribers.

The Rian Johnson film, starring Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, and a scene stealing Janelle Monae, runs two and a half hours. It takes place on a private island in Greece. There are more red herrings than you’d find in a fish store. Netflix has spent, spent, spent on this one. It makes the original “Knives Out” look like it was made in a basement.

The one actor you’ll want to watch in “Glass Onion” is Yuri Togkces. He plays the elusive Bob. I don’t want to give away his plot line. But I guarantee you everyone will be talking about him!

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