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The Justin Bieber Justice tour is over.

Bieber has cancelled all the rest of his world tour dates through next March 2023. Previously he shut down all his summer dates through this month.

Bieber now has a history of cancelling or postponing dates that were sold or booked. Mental health was the stated reason, as well as a physical condition that paralyzed one side of his face.

But there are rumors swirling that Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun, are looking to cash in on Bieber’s song catalog now before he turns 30. They obviously see the writing on the wall. If Bieber isn’t going to make money from performing live, he’s got to maximize whatever he can get out of the hit songs he collaborated on.

My guess is this the end of Justin Bieber as an international touring star. The pressure was too much for him. If Braun is smart, he’ll put Bieber in small venues with two other actrs, charge a lot of money to devoted fans, and space out the dates.

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