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NBC may have lost of viewers when they sent “Days of our Lives” to Peacock.

But they’re happy with this news: the replacement show, “NBC News Daily,” is about to overtake CBS’s “The Talk.”

The two shows don’t run against each other. “NND” runs at noon. “The Talk” is on at 2pm. But among talk/news shows, and altogether for daytime, “NND” is about 45,000 viewers away from pushing “The Talk” to the bottom of the daytime list.

“NND” had 1,312,000 viewers last week. “The View” had 1,358,000.

“Days of our Lives” was usually up around 1.6 million viewers on a daily basis. No one has any idea who’s watching it still on Peacock.

“The Talk” has always been an also-ran. It’s never really gotten a loyal audience, and never equaled the numbers of “As the World Turns,” which it replaced. But it’s cheap to produce! And that’s all the network cares about.

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