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Can this please be the end of Kanye West as a public figure?

He’s released a line of very ugly clothes for the Gap which collectors will buy but no one will be caught dead wearing. They’re also very expensive for Gap customers, like $400 shapeless jackets. Kanye has an obsession with the Druids. Yuck.

Even worse, on Instagram Stories, now deleted, he went after Black Lives Matter. With the moronic Candice Owens he posted pictures of the two of them wearing White Lives Matter shirts. Black celebrities have taken to social media to criticize him.

Kanye is a fool, and a tool. His bipolar condition is no excuse for his behavior. He doesn’t even provide clickbait anymore. No one cares what he says. His career is over. It’s time for him to go away but he won’t: the press loves a train wreck, and he’s just one after another.

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