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Fleetwood Mac is the gift that keeps on giving. Their hit making days are long gone but the old songs were so well made they just keep coming back.

Now a song called “Everywhere” from 1987 has jumped to number 3 on iTunes. Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits is up to number 11.

Why? “Everywhere” It’s used liberally in a Chevy commercial promoting electric vehicles. Everyone in the car sings along with it.

“Everywhere” was written by Mac’s premiere songwriter, Christine McVie, and co-produced by Lindsey Buckingham.

McVie sold her catalog rights to Hipgnosis Music last year, and they are busy placing the songs in commercials. Very successfully, I’d say.

But that whole Mac catalog never goes away — “Dreams” had a huge renaissance last year, “Go Your Own Way” is in a pharma commercial, “Don’t Stop” is omnipresent. I’m surprised an older song, “Hypnotized,” hasn’t found its way into a commercial yet. It will, I’m sure!

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