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Mishael Morgan is outta here.

The crazy-talented actress from “The Young and the Restless” has left the show on a full time basis according to an announcement she’s made on Instagram.

Morgan won the Daytime Emmy this year for Best Actress, the first time a Black actress has ever won that award. She started out playing a semi-evil character named Hilary. Then when she couldn’t get a new contract, she was killed off on screen. But — aha! — a new regime brought her back as Hilary’s nicer sister. Now it seems Morgan still can’t get a decent contract from Y&R. So she’s out again.

She says in her post that she’ll “recur,” which means she could come in and do a day here and there. But she’s off to find greener pastures, and who can blame her? Frankly, CBS should be scooping her up for prime time as they did with another “Y&R” star Shemar Moore. It doesn’t make sense that they haven’t.

Morgan is native of Trinidad. And even though Eartha Kitt was not from there, Morgan would be a perfect fit for a bio film. Someone at HBO, Netflix, make that call!

Here’s the link to the Instagram post.

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