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If it works, it works.

Two weeks ago, “Law & Order” opened its season with a three way crossover event that combined characters from all the shows including the classic, “SVU,” and “Organized Crime.” It was a big ratings hit, and fun for fans.

Now “NCIS” will do the same thing over on CBS come January. They’ll have a big night with the original show, the “Los Angeles” and “Hawaii” editions. All the characters from each show will mingle together, except for Mark Harmon unless, of course, they make him a surprise character.

All this stunt programming is long overdue at the networks. I’m sure the “Chicago” shows on NBC will do it this season. “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Station 19” always do it. Soon “House of the Dragon” and “Succession” can try it on HBO, or “Sex and the City” will get into a long night with “Hacks” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I’d love to see Susie from “Curb” mix it up with Carrie Bradshaw!

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