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Action Bronson got a big break last night on national TV.

The rapper who is similar to DJ Khaled got to perform on “Jimmy Kimmel, Live from Brooklyn” at the last minute because legendary singer songwriter Paul Simon cancelled at the last minute. Simon was supposed to perform and be interviewed. His appearance was heavily promoted. But for unclear reasons he ditched the show. No mention was made of the change. If Simon is ill (presumably) let’s hope he get better fast.

Bronson performed his hit called “Jaguar.” You’ll notice an amazing background vocal by a Black woman. Bronson samples the late great Loleatta Holloway from her record, “I Can’t Help Myself,” released in 1975. Holloway died in 2011 at age 64. Who knows if she — her estate — got paid for this sample?

There’s an odd note about “I Can’t Help Myself.” It’s a total rip off of Barbara Acklin’s “Am I the Same Girl,” which was written by the Chi Lites’ Eugene Record. It’s the same song, just a few years later. I don’t know why Gene Record let this happen, or if he was just ripped off himself! It doesn’t change the quality of Holloway’s magnificent voice, but it just shows how artists are pillaged all the time.

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