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Last night was a bad one for ABC. Most of their schedule was a failure. The alphabet network finished in fourth place behind Fox. Ouch.

I don;t know which is worse, “Big Sky” or “The Goldbergs.”

“Big Sky” returned with a bunch of names thrown in like Reba McEntire and Jensen Ackles. ABC owns the show and refuses to give up on it even though not a single human being watches it.

When the series came back last week it fell 30% from the end of last season in the key demo. Episode number 2 dropped another 23%. They’re down to 2.1 million viewers. It’s time to pull the plug.

Over on “The Goldbergs,” this tired 10th season of a hash of a comedy with no laughs fell for its second week in a row to an all time low. They’re down to 2.4 million viewers, many of whom may be institutionalized if they think this thing is funny. Killing Jeff Garlin didn’t help, but shooing him off the show last January got the ball rolling. It’s unlikely there will be an 11th season of “The Goldbergs.”

Now here’s the actual funny part of the story. Two years ago ABC moved “The Conners” from 8pm to 9pm and lost about a million viewers. They didn’t seem to care. This year, they moved it back to 8pm and picked up the extra people. “The Conners” last two weeks have each been substantially higher than any week from last season! They’re in the 3.7 million range, a total comeback from the disastrous numbers forced on them by ABC. Their numbers were so bad they cut the budget and let go of original cast member Michael Fishman. Now they can afford to bring him back!

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