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George Clooney and Julia Roberts aren’t the only ones to find their tickets to paradise this month. Universal Pictures may have, too.

The two shining Movie Stars are in a romcom that doesn’t open in the US until October 21st. There’s not much press on it here, either, yet.

But “Ticket to Paradise” has already made an impressive $35.8 million in foreign countries. The audiences there don’t care that reviews are middling with a 66 on Rotten Tomatoes among mostly non-US writers. They just want to see two Big Stars on screen in a beautiful setting.

It was very smart to open “Ticket to Paradise” in every country but the US with a long lead. At this rate, the Ol Parker directed love fest could be close to breaking even if not in profit by the time it hits our shores. (You know reviewers here are gunning for it. No one dies, or commits treason, or has a perverse thought in this movie!)

So get ready for October 21st. Let’s hope there are big premieres on both coasts, and a lot of hoopla. This is the kind of movie we need right now: something fun!

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