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Beloved actress Lisa Banes was killed July 14, 2021 when a scooter driver maliciously and willfully cut her down on Amsterdam Avenue behind Lincoln Center. She was 65 years old. Some of us had seen her six weeks earlier at a Memorial Day party. She was booming in her career.

Today her killer pleaded guilty in a Manhattan court. He will receive 1 to 3 years sentence, much less than what the District Attorney’s office asked for — three to nine years. The killer, Brian Boyd, is 27. He will basically walk free after committing a murder and getting away with it.

A video seen by the AP last year showed after the accident that Boyd ran away from the accident and left Banes to die. “The operator of the electric scooter [rode] from the crash location to Bolt Bike Shop … where the operator is observed interacting with employees of the bike shop and waiting for repairs to the electric scooter,” Boyd’s arrest complaint says.

It’s time to recall Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. It’s obvious his office has no idea what they’re doing. This is shameful.

You will recognize Lisa Banes from many movies and TV shows including “Gone Girl” and “Madame Secretary.” She deserves better than this.

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