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The Global Citizen special on ABC was the lowest rated show network show Sunday night on the four main broadcast networks.

Only 1.2 million people tuned in to see whatever the heck Global Citizen was selling with music acts and vague promises of peace and love. No one knows what they’re doing but spending money on themselves.

For ABC that 7pm hour shook off around 3.6 million viewers who’d watched their ABC Evening News just before. Then oddly 3 million people returned at 8pm for Celebrity Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

Where’d they go at 7pm? To “60 Minutes.” The venerable news show scored 7.1 million viewers sandwiched between an NFL football game and “Big Brother.”

On YouTube, the Global Citizen fest found just 733,000 viewers.

Meantime, over on HBO, “House of the Dragon,” which is not a Chinese restaurant, brought in the same 1.86 million viewers on its main channel. Some people who watched the 9pm showing tuned in again because they didn’t understand it (maybe it was because football was on). Um, that was me.

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