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NBC thought they were very clever knocking “Days of our Lives” to Peacock and off the network after 57 years.

Well, they weren’t. When it left the air, “Days” was averaging around 1.6 million a day just on the linear network. That didn’t count Peacock or YouTube.

Now, the numbers are out for the new bland news hour they replaced “Days” with and they aren’t good. Around 935,000 people watched “NBC News Daily” at noon across the network last week. This means, NBC lost around 750,000 viewers.

“Days” fans are properly angry with NBC for the demotion to Peacock because it is just that, a demotion. If the network is using this Peacock move to end the soap opera next year, they should just say so. This certainly seems to be their attitude. But it’s a mistake. “Days” is already done on the cheap, and news sources are plentiful at all hours.

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