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Well, Jake Tapper knew how to work it.

I hate to say it but his bizarre toadying up to the new CNN owners has paid off. Tapper’s been tapped for a 9pm show on CNN starting October 10th and lasting at least through the elections on November 8th.

Social media observers have noted Tapper’s troubling turn to the right in recent weeks. He plugged Jared Kushner’s idiotic book on Twitter. In the last few days he did a spot on the banning of books and then noted that “progressives” were as responsible as those on the right. The rep from PEN America managed not to faint when he responded that it was mostly right wingers who want to clamp down on books.

Tapper has turned out to be the ultimate company man in his diligent pursuit of not getting fired or moved to 2am. He’s been a disappointment, for sure. The worry now is that CNN is sending him up against crazy Sean Hannity on Fox because he, Tapper, will start espousing this new “there are good people on both sides” attitude to win Hannity’s viewers.

Here’s the new CNN afternoon schedule:

4 pm The Lead, anchored by John Berman and Brianna Keilar
5 pm The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer
7 pm Erin Burnett OutFront
8 pm Anderson Cooper 360
9 pm CNN Tonight, anchored by Jake Tapper
10 pm CNN Tonight, anchored by Alisyn Camerota and Laura Coates

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