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“Saturday Night Live” has announced the first three pairs of hosts and musical guests beginning October 1st. They are unexpected to say the least, and not really the gangbusters that they need.

First week premiere is Miles Teller, and Kendrick Lamar. Second week is beloved Irish actor Brendan Gleeson and Willow Smith, daughter of slap happy Will; and third week Megan Thee Stallion is filling both slots.

These are weird choices. Teller is not in any fall movie or Oscar release. While he was great in “The Offer,” that had a run last summer. Go figure. Gleeson is in the much praised coming movie, “The Banshees of Inisherin,” but it’s really Colin Farrell’s movie.

On the music side, Willow? Are you kidding? And Megan Thee Stallion would have been fine just as a musical guest, not host.

So what’s going on? Beats me. There are so many better choices for this fall. Is it hard getting hosts and musicians? Again, Willow, for freaks’ sake?

PS You may have heard Chris Redd is now the 8th cast member to leave the show. Redd is a star, big time. Too bad.

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