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I’m told that Woody Allen is not only not retiring, but he’s also begun casting his new film. He will shoot it in Paris momentarily, and it’s said to be a murder mystery along the lines of “Match Point.”

I do hope, by the way, if Woody makes another film after this it’s a comedy with Diane Keaton and some of his previous stars.

But back to Paris: I’m told the star of the new film is Valerie Lemercier, who won the Cesar Award — the French Oscar — for playing Celine Dion in the fictionalized “Aline.” Lemercier, as you will see below, speaks English. She is also 57, which should negate complaints from Woody’s naysayers that he only has young women as his lead characters.

Lemercier is no doubt excited. Woody Allen actresses tend to be nominated — and win– Oscars.

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