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Woody Allen is not retiring.

He says in a statement: “Woody Allen never said he was retiring, not did he say he was writing another novel. He said he was thinking about not making films as making films that go straight or very quickly to streaming platforms is not so enjoyable for him, as he is a great lover of the cinema experience.  Currently, he has no intention of retiring and is very excited to be in Paris shooting his new movie, which will be the 50th.”

The trouble started when a blog picked up an out of context quote from a foreign publication. Then all the weekend editors just picked it up and ran it without checking. This is so frustrating for everyone. Social media immediately repeats all of it, over and over, until a misunderstanding becomes a fact.

I like that people have been listing their favorite Woody movies. For me, they go: Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters, Bananas, Zelig, Broadway Danny Rose, Interiors, Love and Death, Midnight in Paris, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Bullets Over Broadway, Radio Days, Blue Jasmine, Rainy Day in New York, and so on.

Please never announce a retirement, Woody!

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