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Pat Sajak may asking to buy not a vowel or consonant but a Get of the Public Jail Free card.

The host of “Wheel of Fortune” had his picture taken with a staffer from something called the Right Wing Broadcast Network and more importantly, with right wing nut Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene is anti-everything starting with intelligence. She’s racist, anti-women, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, you name it. She’s literally the stupidest person ever to set foot in Congress and dangerous as she spouts hate in all forms.

The answer will come in ratings. If “Wheel” takes a hit from this publicity, Sajak may be wrapping it all up. He’s not stupid. He knows what it means to take this picture. There’s no way he can say it was an accident.

Sajak is a long time Republican. He’s also been saying lately that he might retire from “Wheel” now that’s he 75 years old. He has some idea of his daughter succeeding him. He can forget that.

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