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A lot of people are asking me about Jared Kushner’s book, “Breaking History.” If you look at this weekend’s New York Times bestseller list, it’s number 3 in non fiction.

And yes, I know you think it should be in fiction, listed as “Breaking Wind.”

The Times list is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. They are also two weeks behind real time sales. (PS they let Kellyanne Conway’s book go up to the top reaches of their list, then it fell like a brick. Maybe they’re kowtowing to GOP readers.)

In the real world, “Breaking History” is number 187 on Amazon.com. On Barnes & Noble’s list, it’s number 1,885.

Most recent sales figures have it at 60,000 copies. It may be closer to 65,000. We’ll see in a few days. On Amazon, the book fell off the top 100 about a week ago. Then I wrote about its sales failure, and “Breaking Wind” shot up to number 27.

Someone has been gaming Amazon, buying up multiple copies. But no one you know has read it, or bought it, and no one will. It’s very good, however, for stacking up under a lap top during a Zoom call.

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