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It’s a Battle Royale for “The Woman King.”

Sony’s much hyped Gina Prince-Blythewood spectacular debuted with $5 mil Friday night, a total of $6.8 million including Thursday previews. The weekend total will come in less than $20 million, somewhere between $17 million and $18 million.

“The Woman King” is at war on many fronts including a Twitter boycott by people who are misreading its historical intent. On the plus side, the movie has an A+ Cinemascore. People who see it really like it. But that may not matter in the long run.

Thursday and Friday sales were spotty depending on theater location. But things look good for tonight, so the audience may have just been playing wait-and-see about word of mouth and reviews. Also, there’s not a lot to choose from this weekend other than the very good “Confess, Fletch.”

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