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Raise your hand if you’re not surprised by this information: Kanye West says he’s never read a book. He says on a podcast, which you can see here below at 3:40, “Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me.”

This news comes as Rolling Stone has published a look at Kanye’s Christian school, the Donda Academy. This is two years after Kanye “ran for president.”

West — who spouts gibberish here like Chauncey Gardener in “Being There” — is the son of a late teacher and professor. But we’ve come to the central problem with him, besides bipolar disorder.

I’d say this pretty alarming but hey, I’ll bet it’s more prevalent now than ever.

By the way, Kanye says he’s pulling the plug on his deal with The Gap. He’s also fighting with Adidas, which sponsors the Donda Academy. I’m wondering if he read all his contracts now that he admits to not reading books.

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