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For some reason Mariah Carey is under the impression that Prince didn’t like people covering his songs.

In Variety today she says:

“He did not like [covers], nor did he believe in the concept.”

Well if others hadn’t covered Prince’s songs and had big hits with them he would not have been able to fund his lifestyle. Those hits are among the biggest in his catalog.

The Bangles took “Manic Monday” to number 1. It remains a radio staple. Sinead O’Connor’s “No One Compares 2 U” was massive, bigger than any Prince chart hit than all of them except maybe “When Doves Cry.” The record is still played constantly.

Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You” became her signature hit. Also, a number 1 on the charts. Also heard day after day.

There are others. Cyndi Lauper’s cover of “When You Were Mine” is one of the building blocks of both of their careers. And let’s not forget Tom Jones’ version of “Kiss,” which exploded everywhere at the time.

So Prince didn’t like covers of his songs? My guess is that when he saw his royalty statements, the opposite was the case!

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