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Another day, more destruction on CNN.

Don Lemon has lost his prime time show and is being sent to 7am along with Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins. They will host a new morning show, replacing “New Day.”

“New Day” will be gone. John Berman, the only CNN anchor everyone likes, is losing his spot on that show and being sent to No One Knows. His morning co-anchor Brianna Kellar, who was trying to suck up to the regime by criticizing Joe Biden, is also now in the abyss.

New CNN chief Chris Licht is just to going to keep tossing all the pieces of his board game into the air. That’s his plan. He’s removed Lemon from his spot, and Harlow from hers, arbitrarily. CBS should scoop up Berman immediately. Harlow should go to Lester Holt. Escape, people!

What’s next? Nothing good. Every day Twitter is filled with stories from enraged viewers shutting off CNN after hearing crazy pro-Trump pro-MAGA comments. I know CNN is looking for ratings but this whole path is a mistake.

This is NOT CNN.

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