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Eric Clapton’s coming to town. So far, no one cares.

Clapton has a show in Boston on the 16th, and then back to back shows in New York at MSG on Sunday and Monday.

Ticketmaster’s maps reveal seas of blue for all three shows. And not just in the resale market. This is the primary sales. The tickets are largely unsold.

At Boston’s TD Garden, they’re not even using a big chunk of the stadium. And then even, there are plenty of tickets left begging.

There are decent seats at reasonable prices for all shows.

What’s happened to Slow Hand? Well, his insistence on acting like an ass during the pandemic has hurt him. Clapton became outspoken against the vaccine and the lockdown. He issued singles with Van Morrison, who also came out swinging against science, health, and logic.

Despite Clapton being a guitar god and one of the all time great rock and roll artists, he obviously did damage to his image. His stand against the vaccine– he wouldn’t perform in any venue that checked for proof of vaccination — opened up another can of worms. Critics started looking for quotes from the 70s that suggested Clapton was a racist.

The result of all this is poor ticket sales in the most important markets in the US. By Sunday at 4pm, tickets for that night’s show should be very affordable. And considering that Clapton has Paul Carrack and Nathan East with him, and the pandemic has subsided, I’d say what the heck, why not?

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