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The Golden Globes are returning to NBC. I’m told the announcement will be made soon that the Globes will air on Tuesday, January 10th, just five days before the Critics Choice Awards.

The Globes have faced two years of scrutiny, investigation, and changes. They recently added 103 voters– not members, just various POC to pump up their diversification numbers. The only actual members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association remain largely the same. Those 97 or so veterans have been making the rounds at the Toronto, Telluride, and Venice Film Festivals.

In Toronto, I’m told an HFPA party usually thrown with InStyle magazine (now just a website) fell apart at the last minute. A source says, “No one could agree on anything.”

Back to the new voters: although diversity is the object, 41.7% of the new voters are White. According to the HFPA, the new voters are also 22.3 percent Latinx, 13.6 percent Black, 11.7 percent Asian, 10.7 percent Middle Eastern and 41.7 percent white, with 58.3 percent self-identifying as ethnically diverse.

The Globes will be welcomed back not for their critical appraisal of movies, but for the fun of the parties and so on. A source tells me that older members of the HFPA have been retired. And current members — the core 97 — could be receiving $75,000 a year salaries from parent company Eldridge Industries, which also owns Dick Clark Productions and the Hollywood Reporter.

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