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Jared Kushner, you might say, was the Michelle Obama of the Trump administration. She was First Lady, and he was first son-in-law.

Michelle’s eventual book, “Becoming,” 1.4 million copies in its debut week.

Jared’s book, “Breaking History,” didn’t do quite as well– just 59,700 copies total over 2 weeks according to NPD Book Scan.

UPDATE: “Breaking” has dropped out of the Amazon top 100.

“Breaking Wind” debuted on the NY Times best seller list at number 2, the week of these sales, It fell to number 2 for the second week. But the Times is always ten days behind real time book sales.

“Breaking Legs” is currently number 86 on amazon’s best seller list. The Kindle edition is number 1,131.

On Barnes and Noble’s best seller list, the hardcover is at 1,248.

It’s possible that bulk sales fueled the first week on amazon. Reality has set in.

In “Breaking Wind,” Kushner outlines how he made millions in the Middle East on the American taxpayer’s dime, taking credit for anything Trump did. He devotes a single page to being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, something others in the White House have downplayed as possibly not even being true.

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