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Spit Take Number 2: After all the scandals, rumors, and carrying on, Warner Bros. can sing “Don’t Worry Baby” about “Don’t Worry Darling.”

Harry Styles fans have made the movies’ preview IMAX show on September 19th the fastest selling IMAX show of all time.

They sold out 21 of the 100 locations on the first day of sales, a total of 13,000 tickets. The sold out locations are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and more. More than 15 additional locations are above 50% sold out.

The IMAX LIve show is drawing like crazy because Harry will appear LIVE from New York hooked up to all locations. Meantime, a red carpet premiere will be going on in the Big Apple. Screaming girls will set sound records in IMAX locales. Will anyone even hear Dave Karger’s Questions? Or Harry’s answers? (Olivia Wilde will be on stage with him, too, which should rev up the audience into a frenzy.)

It’s Harry’s House, you see, and we are all just guests!

Casting Styles over Shia LaBeouf, for whatever reason, will be the saving grace for this movie– at least the first weekend when it opens that Thursday night. All his fans will be going in One Direction — to movie theaters.

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