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Between the spitting the feuding, who can keep up with “Don’t Worry Darling”?

Now comes word that there will be a big IMAX screening and Q&A on September 19th across the country. Fans can buy tickets to see the movie in advance of its September 23 rd opening. A Q&A will follow via satellite. The press release says Olivia Wilde will be there with cast including Harry Styles.

But guess who’s not participating?

Florence Pugh, natch, she’s busy shooting “Dune Two” and dodging all this stuff like it’s COVID-20.

And Chris Pine, the alleged spittee, who looked zoned out at the Venice press conference, and still hasn’t recovered. Pine has no actual excuse except that he’s not into all this, and who can blame him?

Dave Karger of TCM will be the moderator. You can buy tickets here.

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