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So much for The Weeknd.

Pop star Abel Tesfaye made the crowd at SoFi Stadium wait three hours for his show last night. Then he came out, sang two songs quickly, and stopped the show. He informed the audience the concert was cancelled because he’d lost his voice. He was right in the middle of his hit, “I Can’t Feel My Face.” Later, it was rumored, Kanye West was going to join him.

Some of the audience booed, but most people — getting their 100% refund — understood that The Weeknd is human. This is the era now of performers having all kinds of issues from mental to physical. Tesfaye promised the crowd he’d be back to give them a special concert.

And this IS the era of this sort of thing. Adele cancelled her run in Las Vegas last winter because she couldn’t get it together. COVID has caused many tours to be cancelled or postponed, also. Shawn Mendes — fighting perhaps poor ticket sales anyway — decided that he needed a mental health vacation. Justin Bieber, as well.

So much has changed. In the old days performers just pushed on, drank a bottle of Scotch or did some drugs, and made sure the fans weren’t disappointed. Ah, this new healthy generation!

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