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Britney Spears has returned to Instagram and posted a desperate plea to her teen sons.

Britney is responding to a huge pay-for-play feature that appeared in the Daily Mail yesterday featuring pictures and interviews with her sons conducted by celebrity muckracker Daphne Barak (I remember her from the Michael Jackson era).

How much did Kevin Federline get from all this? I would guess, a lot.

But Britney’s not getting it. This isn’t the way to win them over. She must get her lawyer to insist on family therapy sessions with the three of them in the same room. Those kids don’t want any more public humiliation. Why doesn’t she understand?

Anyway, you can read the whole thing here. Britney would be wise to get off the internet and start doing some serious personal work. So Kevin Federline has lived off her for years and years. At least he’s given the kids a home. He’s a sponger. Britney’s not going to win that point in a public forum now.

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