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Producing television is a lot like “Game of Thrones.” There are several duels and wars, and finally someone is defeated.

In the case of Miguel Sapochnik, it sounds like he’s just attended the Red Wedding again. He’s leaving “The House of the Dragon” before he gets singed. Showrunner for season 1 and developer of the series for three years, Sapochnik won’t be dragon his heart around anymore.

Sapochnik, an Argentinian Jew (so cool), won an Emmy for one of the many episodes of “Thrones” he directed. But now he says, thank to an official statement, that he wants to do “other things.” He’ll be replaced by Alan Taylor, who will work with Sapochnik’s former producing partner, Ryan Condal.

What really happened? Who knows? You have to have a steel lined stomach for that business.

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