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Well, this could be a first.

In 1981, The Go-Go’s performed on “Saturday Night Live” and it was a mess. They were more than a little tipsy and it showed. The girls performed their very big hits, “Our Lips are Sealed” and “We Got the Beat.” But the reception was not positive and they never returned.

This week, “SNL” is asking fans on Twitter to say who they’d like to see host and be musical guests on the upcoming 48th season. A lot of people have rallied for Carol Burnett, 89, to host.

But the best response came from the Go-Go’s. “Can we get a do-over?” they ask. And why not? After 41 years, let them come back. They’re in the Rock Hall, they had a Broadway musical. Their popularity has endured.

Hey, Lorne, give them a second chance!

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