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MTV pieced together jsut over million viewers on Sunday for the Video Music Awards. They came from 13 different channels including one on broadcast TV, the CW Network with 610,000.

Yesterday, however, MTV reported a higher number because they counted the pre-show red carpet. I must have excluded some channels no one actually knows about. I just went by the top 150 cable shows of the night.

Will there be delayed viewing? Maybe. But these were the people brave enough to endure 3 hours of weirdness that also included the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing the only music of the night, and Taylor Swift’s coordinated marketing plan to launch a new album.

All of the awards were pre-arranged, which was not explained to the audience and should be in violation of the FCC because they were on broadcast TV. All the “winners” know in advance, their performances and appearances are tied to the wins. All of the winners should also receive acting awards for pretending they were surprised.

The VMAs and other MTV Awards shows are always like Halloween balls, and this one didn’t fail in that regard.

The only misstep by an artist, I thought, was from Adele. Her management never should have allowed her “30” album to be included in Album of the Year, and then lose to Harry Styles. If she wants to win the Grammy in that category, this will now be a piece of baggage weighing her down. It does seem like Styles is set up to win big at the Grammys.

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