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Lots of plotting and scheming tonight on “House of the Dragon.” King Viserys, whose wife died in childbirth last week (along with the baby) gets to be “The Bachelor.” Watch him give his final rose. And just like on “The Bachelor,” his decision causes some upset. Paddy Considine is excellent at steering this big, unwieldy ship.

A much better episode than the opener, probably because we’re getting to know these characters, Episode 2 could not have better production values. Old Westeros was a lot nicer than the one we came to know in “Game of Thrones.” But there’s still no cell service. The design, cinematography, lighting, is the most lavish I’ve ever seen. You’ll love the young ladies’ scene in the church among the candles. Brilliant.

Yes, there are dragons, and we get to see them in action tonight. Plus Milly Alcock really comes into her own as Rhaenyra Targaryen, antecedent of our beloved Dany. I’d be curious to see all the generations between them. These girls have dragon flying in their genes!

Some of “House of the Dragon” feels like we’re coming in mid-series and not at the beginning. There are already so many feuds, wars, disputes, and so on there’s no time for a little fun. I hope these Targs and even their rivals get a chance to kick back and whore around a little, have a drink. Right now they are so damn serious.

Great episode, very moving. Hardcore fans will love it.

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