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I wish I wish I wish I could post the nude pictures of Britney Spears that she put on her Instagram account.

But now the account is gone. I have the pictures, but Google will censor them in a nano second. You’ll have to go to her Twitter account and she if they’re still up.

I’m not sure if Instagram took the account down, or someone in her camp.

The pictures are to celebrate her number 1 hit with Elton John, a remix of “Tiny Dancer” called “Hold Me Closer.”

I’m sorry, it’s great fun but it’s also pornography. Nothing wrong with that. But Britney is the mother of two teenage boys who have already voiced their unhappiness with her behavior.

Spears has always been an exhibitionist. It’s part of her mental illness. Her so called fans think she was treated punitively with a conservatorship. But any 40 year old woman who would subject her kids to this is disturbed.

Okay, I’ll try one picture here and see what Google does. This one is not to bad, It’s pulled from a come-hither video she put up on Twitter. The other picture, I don’t how I could publish it.

PS No, I tried, WordPress wouldn’t do it, and Google obviously. So you’ll find them all over the internet. Try the Daily Mail.

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