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Just last month we thought Sylvester Stallone had lost his mind publishing screeds against “Rocky” producer Irwin Winkler and his family.

Sly said he wanted the rights to “Rocky” returned to him even though he never owned them. He wanted to leave something to his daughters.

Now it seems that whole meltdown — which included anti-Semitic drawings of the Winklers — was part of a large brewing storm. Today, Sly’s wife of 25 year, Jennifer Flavin, filed for divorce saying the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” She claims he’s hiding assets.

Closer Weekly broke the story.

The Stallones have four gorgeous grown daughters. This was third second marriage. Flavin is 54 and could walk away with a fortune. Stallone is 76 and has probably been trying to marshal those assets. Since “Rocky” was written and sold well before his Flavin marriage maybe he was thinking this was something he could grab back and not share in the divorce. Tricky!

The signs were there Just a few days ago, Stallone visited a tattoo parlor to cover up a picture of Flavin with one of a bulldog. That was a sign things were bad.

The tabs note that the Stallones celebrated their 25th anniversary in May and that everything seemed hunky dory. But you, Sly’s been very busy filming a Yellowstone spin off called “Tulsa.” He’s been away from home a lot. And you know what means, Looks like Flavin wasn’t interested in dealing with the Flavin of the Month.

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