Home Television UPDATE: “House of the Dragon” Scored 2.2 Mil for HBO’s First Showing...

According to Nielsen now with hard numbers:

“House of the Dragon” scored 2.170 million viewers for Sunday night’s first showing on regular HBO Prime at 9pm.

Right now, there are no numbers for the second showing which followed directly after at 10:06pm.

HBO said yesterday that nearly 10 million people watched the premiere across all networks. This would suggest that a whopping 7.7 million people watched on HBO Max.

For HBO Max, that would certainly guarantee its continuation as Warner Discovery’s streaming system going forward. The Max people should be opening bottles of Champagne, not laying anyone off.

“Dragon” had a small effect on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight.” The acerbic and amusing news show was up around 100,000 viewers as a spill off. It also aired much later than usual, at 11:20pm and not at 10:30pm, so that’s pretty impressive.

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