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The Independent Spirit Awards have become the joke of all time.

They’ve now raised the budget limit for eligible films to a freaking $30 million! Come on, where’s the spit take? They just want to compete with all the other awards shows like the Oscars, Critics Choice, and so on.

An indie film that costs more than $5 million is not indie nor in the spirit of independent filmmaking. Recently the limit had gotten up to $20 million. But now with $30 million, all bets are off.

On top of that, they’re switching over to very PC ‘gender neutral’ awards, so there’s no Best Actress or Best Actor, just Best Performance. The woke community has taken hold.

No one really cares about Film Independent or the Spirit Awards anymore. They have no viewers on their telecast. Last March their rating was so low it failed to make the Top 150 Cable shows of that day.

I guess they think the remedy is to let in as many movies that can overlap with the Oscars as possible. It won’t work, but good luck.

As for gender neutral awards, no one cares about that either. It’s also a real slap in the face to the men and women (yes there are still actual men and women) actors who would claim their own gender status. But no one cares about that anymore either.

Scratch the Spirit Awards off any list of meaningful awards.

PS The only value the Spirit Awards had in the past was a really amazing gift bag on every seat. But they cut that out years ago.

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