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I just finished watching the series finale of “Only Murders in the Building.” It’s a good thing I skipped the press link. I could not have kept quiet.

As it is, John Hoffman and Steve Martin pulled off the best season finale I’ve seen in a long time, maybe since “Who Shot JR?”. They even set up Season 3 in the last few minutes. Paul Rudd has evidently signed on to appear next season in flashbacks.

So who killed Bunny Folger? Was it Tina Fey’s Cinda Canning? After all the red herrings we’ve seen, there are more in this episode. Fingers are pointed, let me tell you. There’s a big twist, too. And the whole episode is hilarious.

Not to give it away, but slow motion and a tomato steal the show.

Watch it. We’ll talk later.

Hint: It wasn’t Jan, and neither Teddy nor his deaf son are in the episode. Neither is the woman who runs the building now. Best line: “They chintzed on the cake!”

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