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Box office lesson learned this weekend: “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” did make $20 million from Thursday night.

But the Ball also deflated every single day, starting strong with $10 million Thurs-Friday and ending with a $3.4 million Sunday. The Crunchyroll-20th Century-Disney release was a novelty and very limited in its reach.

Meanwhile, “Bullet Train” chugged along with an $8 million weekend, bringing it to $69 million total. It’s a slow train coming, certainly, but with nothing on the track behind it, “Bullet Train” will keep boarding passengers until someone throws all the puns out the window.

“Beast” garnered $11.5 million, not enough to sustain a jungle. A misfire.

I never saw “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” and now I’ll wait until maybe A24 sends screeners for awards season. They’re going to finish with less than $6 million. Maybe Marcel should have kicked the shoes off and put his feet in the sand!

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