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Friday night: anime movie “Dragon Ball Super Super Hero” scored such a big Thursday — $4.3 million– that you might think the numbers would rise exponentially. “DBSSH” put together a $10.7 million opening with Thursday and Friday counted. Another $12 million is likely coming, giving the anime a $22 mil weekend.

Can Idris Elba and his crazy lion from “Beast” jump forward? Well, “Beast” will be the highest grossing live action movie, so that’s something. Thursday-Friday is at $4.3 million. It should come in between $10-$11 million. Maybe reviews shouldn’t have been held til the last minute. The studio couldn’t build excitement. It’s a little strange since “Beast” had a great premiere party that Universal put a lot into. Also, a 68 on Rotten Tomatoes ain’t bad.

And get this: “Top Gun Maverick” is now the 6th highest box office movie, passing “Avengers: Infinity War.” It’s within striking distance of “Black Panther.” Amazing. “Maverick” comes to streaming services on Tuesday.

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