Home Media Was Jake Tapper’s Twitter Account Hacked? Liberal CNN Host Retweets Ivanka Trump...

Not kidding.

People are fainting over something Jake Tapper, CNN’s fair minded but liberal anchor retweeted yesterday.

Tapper retweeted Ivanka Trump’s endorsement of her husband’s panned book. Jared Kushner’s “Breaking History,” eviscerated by the NewYork Times and other reviewers, will be published next week.

For Tapper, an avowed critic of all things Trump, to un-ironically put something like that on his Twitter feed can mean only one of two things. He was either hacked. Or the new CNN leader, Chris Licht, made him do it to seem less partisan.

The latter is chilling. Licht has just eliminated Brian Stelter and “Reliable Sources” after 9 years. There is other anecdotal information coming of changes with other CNN anchors who are starting to sound like they’ve been taken hostage. Fear of being fired, or worse, seems like it’s in the air.

Tapper is too smart and principled to be blackmailed. But his Twitter followers are surprised and disappointed. Let’s see where this leads.

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